Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

About Golden RetrieversHeight (to shoulder blade): Males 23 to 24 inches tall; Females 21 1/2 to 22 1/2 inches tallWeight: Males 65 to 75 lbs; Females 55 to 65 lbsColor: Shades of GoldenOrigin: British IslesCoat: Medium length, dense, water-repellent, feathering on the back forelegs and underbodyTemperament: Reliable, friendly and trustworthyLife Expectancy: 10 to 12 yearsExercise: DailyIs a Golden retriever the right dog breed for you?Golden retrievers are a friendly, eager to please breed originally used in hunting game and fowl. They are intelligent and quick to learn, require a lot of exercise, and do best with rigorous training. They may do an “alarm bark,” but generally aren’t watch dogs. They require a lot of human attention and affection as well as mental stimulation and play to keep them happy. Grooming is generally straightforward.5 Common Medical Issues for Golden Retrievers

Medical Issue     Avg. Claim Amount  Most Expensive Claim
Cancer  $2,466.67  $17,448.77
Foreign body(i.e. ate a sock, had to be surgically removed) $1,821.23 $15,389.53
Hip dysplasia $1,118.89 $9,194.50
Skin allergies $697.56 $13,757.18
Ear infection $215.14 $3,008.72

According to the number of dog insurance claims Pets Best  receives.Riley, a 20 month old Golden retriever has no idea how that dollar bill got in his mouth. Photo submitted by Margaret R.

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Two goldens and a mixed breed dog try to convince their humans to let them in the door. Photo submitted by Jennifer K.Another golden named Riley, who is quite handsome. Photo submitted by Karen K.

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