Dog Breed Guide: German Shorthaired Pointer

About the German Shorthaired Pointer

Height (to base of neck): 23-25″

Weight: 55-70 lbs

Color: Dark brown (liver), black, or either liver and white or black and white. The head is commonly a solid color and the body is speckled or “ticked.”

Origin: 19th Century Germany

Coat: Water resistant, short and flat coat with a dense undercoat which is protected by stiff guard hairs.

Life Expectancy: 9-12 years

Energy level: High

Exercise needs: high

Is a German Shorthaired Pointer the Right Dog Breed for You?

The German Shorthaired Pointer was bred as a working dog and therefore does best as part of an active family. They are even-tempered, very intelligent and highly trainable when with a devoted owner.  They can be a loyal family watchdog as well. This breed can verge on hyperactive without consistent exercise. The short coat sheds, but grooming is minimal. They are best suited to a lifestyle that includes a lot of exercise and activity.

5 Common Illnesses, Medical Conditions and Accidents for the German Shorthaired Pointer

According to the number of dog insurance claims Pets Best  receives

Medical Issue  Average Claim Amount  Most Expensive Claim 
Laceration $492 $2,718
Ear Infection $263 $1,269
Lipoma (Fatty Tumor) $492 $2,680
Cancer $1,600 $6,182
Skin Allergies $442 $1,302


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